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The most versatile grooming brushes available, the BrushBuster!

BrushBuster was created by Mel Mueller and her three daughters, when they sought out a better way to groom and clean their horses.

Together, they thoughtfully designed a grooming brush with a patented 2-in-1 brush with curry/comb with a long handle. The long handle of the brush allows reach into those “hard to get” places, and makes handling of the brush cleaner.  

Within each spring box, we’re showcasing one of BrushBuster’s two products: the BrushBuster Curry or the BrushBuster Tail. 

The BrushBuster Curry features a curry on one side and a bristle brush on the other. The curry side is made from a thick rubber, therefore less harsh on curry sensitive horses or animals. 

And the BrushBuster Tail, which features a tail brush on one side and a bristle brush on the other. The tail brush was designed with a specific pattern for detangling the tail and mane. 

The model is perfect for making grooming and bathing more efficient, and can be used on all animals!

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