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Each Season, we deliver a thoughtful curation filled with 5-7 items for both horse and rider. Our mission is to introduce you to your new favorite product, all while lifting up our fellow equestrian entrepreneurs in the process.


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Cavali Club: Wine Glasses

What's better after a long day at the barn or a really good (or tough) ride than a nice refreshing glass of wine (or mocktail)? We designed these custom wine glasses for our amateur riders and professionals in mind. These stemless wine glasses come with 6 beautifully etched galloping horses, and are dishwasher safe! They come as a pair, so grab your friend for fun-filled night of sharing beverages and talking about your favorite four-legged friends.

Both Boxes: Back On Track Cool on Track® Cooling Towel

Another genius product from our friends at Back On Track, the Cool on Track® Cooling Towel is a product designed for both humans and their pets to stay cool during the hot summer months, however once you try it, we think this may be something you won’t want to share! All that is needed to activate it’s cooling powers is water, which makes it great for everyday use or when you’re on the road.

Both Boxes: The Infused Equestrian Wham Bam Repellent

You’re no stranger to the Infused Equestrian, but have you tried their new fly spray Wham Bam? This might be our one of our favorite products of all time. Not only does it smell great, but its plant-based formula is very effective at keeping the flies at bay. It is all-natural, organic, and DEET-free. You can use this on your horse or on yourself—seriously! Its light-weight formula is easy on the skin and won’t leave you feeling sticky.


We are honored to serve a community of thousands of happy members. Share your box and favorite products to join the conversation!

Angela P

The boxes are amazing so well put together with great products!! I love being apart of such an amazing club and group of people, i recommend to anyone looking for a fun horse and rider box!! the customer service is awesome as well always looking to help and better serve you :)

Carol C

I love my new box! You guys did a great job - the items are outstanding!! ❤️😊

Kristin M

I ordered the “best of” box to see a sample of what the Cavali Club has to offer and I am very happily surprised! The quality of the items is amazing for the price. I love everything in the box, and most subscription boxes usually have one or two things that are just “eh”. I am going to subscribe to the club for sure!! Thank you so much Cavali Club for the amazing box, my horses and I love it.

Maria B

I'm in love with everything that's in my box! They pick out the best stuff and I can't wait to use it all! My horse and I are definitely being spoiled. Thank you for having such a wonderful box for horse and rider. I love getting a surprise for every season. 💜

Emma F

I have received two boxes from Cavali Club so far and I can ensure you that each one has been packed with joy. What I love about the subscription box is that they are able to get multiple different products to you that would add up to cost way more if purchased individually. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving every season, for every equestrian!


We are honored to serve a community of thousands of happy members. Share your box and favorite products to join the conversation!