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Each Season, we deliver a thoughtful curation filled with 5-7 items for both horse and rider. Our mission is to introduce you to your new favorite product, all while lifting up our fellow equestrian entrepreneurs in the process.


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Current box.


Shaded Ride, Equestrian Helmet Visor

The summer season means lots of time spent riding outdoors! Protect your skin and eyes during those outdoor rides with the Shaded Ride helmet visor. This lightweight visor attaches to all riding helmet sizes and styles with its sturdy adjustable velcro attachment. Along the inner lining, we’ve provided a silicone gripping design that holds the visor in place -- so you can rest assured that your visor will stay secure while you’re cantering about! The Shaded Ride’s bill is large enough to offer plenty of protection for the face and neck, without obstructing the rider’s peripheral vision.

Jennifer Cervelli Lucky Horseshoe Hanging Necklace

Within each summer box, members will enjoy the handmade Lucky Horseshoe Charm necklace by Jennifer Cervelli, featured in both sterling silver and yellow gold. The necklace chain measures 18 inches long, with a 1/2 inch wide charm. When kept as a talisman, a horseshoe is said to bring good luck. When worn with the ends pointing up, it acts as a storage container of sorts for good luck that happens to be floating by. This necklace is 100% handmade in Hermosa Beach, California using recycled metals and sustainable materials.

The Equestrian Journal by Jennifer Raichman

The Equestrian Journal is everything you need to organize your life in and out of the saddle. This exquisite journal was created by Jennifer Raichman exclusively for Cavali Club, and it is a thoughtful culmination of horse care and general life organization. With tabs dedicated to Horse Info and Care, Shoeing Records, Annual Goals, Monthly Planner and goals, Lesson Records, Show Records, and Equipment and Expense Log, it has everything you need to remain organized and productive at work, school, life and the barn!

Super Food Horse Treats by Twenty Four Carrots

Twenty Four Carrots’ products are exactly as nature intended; raw, nutrient-dense, complete and contain absolutely no GMO’s, byproducts, fillers, soy, corn, molasses or grains. Each ingredient is carefully selected, food grade and is a meaningful contribution to the overall health and wellbeing of the horse. For the summer box, we are introducing members to the Super Food Horse Treats! These treats have an ingredient list you can be proud of.

Pecard Eque-Care Leather Dressing

Founded in 1902, with over 119 years handcrafting leather care, Pecard has proven time and time again under even the most brutal conditions, to be the best in conditioning, preserving, and protecting leather. For the summer box, we are introducing members to their Eque-Care Leather Dressing. This neutral-colored, blended paste cleans, conditions, preserves, and weather-proofs all smooth oil tanned leather to keep it supple, strong, and beautiful. A specially formulated blend of waxes and USP Grade Petroleum products help repel dirt and water from entering the leather where they cause the greatest damage. Oils in the dressing lubricate and plump up fibers so they move smoothly against each other without binding and abrading.

Horseplay Cocktail Napkins

The summer season means getting outside and enjoying the sun with friends and family and a refreshing beverage and our Horseplay cocktail napkins are here to add a touch of equestrian elegance to any outdoor gathering. Refined white hemstitched linen is embellished with cheerful, yet refined embroidery in the color navy. Each set includes four napkins, generously sized 6” x 6”.

Medica Treatment Wash

For summer box, we are introducing members to Medica’s Treatment Wash: a gentle and effective wash to aid in treatment of rain rot, ringworm, leg scurf and other skin diseases. Gentle natural cleansers exfoliate dead skin and remove debris, allowing a blend of sulfur and essential oils to kill bacteria and fungus. Most anti-fungal shampoos are harsh and can dry or even burn the skin. Medica Treatment Wash delivers effective treatment in a gentle, pleasant cleansing formula.


We are honored to serve a community of thousands of happy members. Share your box and favorite products to join the conversation!

Angela P

The boxes are amazing so well put together with great products!! I love being apart of such an amazing club and group of people, i recommend to anyone looking for a fun horse and rider box!! the customer service is awesome as well always looking to help and better serve you :)

Carol C

I love my new box! You guys did a great job - the items are outstanding!! ❤️😊

Kristin M

I ordered the “best of” box to see a sample of what the Cavali Club has to offer and I am very happily surprised! The quality of the items is amazing for the price. I love everything in the box, and most subscription boxes usually have one or two things that are just “eh”. I am going to subscribe to the club for sure!! Thank you so much Cavali Club for the amazing box, my horses and I love it.

Maria B

I'm in love with everything that's in my box! They pick out the best stuff and I can't wait to use it all! My horse and I are definitely being spoiled. Thank you for having such a wonderful box for horse and rider. I love getting a surprise for every season. 💜

Emma F

I have received two boxes from Cavali Club so far and I can ensure you that each one has been packed with joy. What I love about the subscription box is that they are able to get multiple different products to you that would add up to cost way more if purchased individually. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving every season, for every equestrian!


We are honored to serve a community of thousands of happy members. Share your box and favorite products to join the conversation!

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