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Equifit Hoof Ice

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We partnered with Equifit to bring members one of their newest products, HoofIce™!  HoofIce™ is an ideal product to have in any barn, and is especially helpful on the go! Equifit's easy-to-use HoofIce eliminates the need for unwieldy buckets for a safer alternative when icing hooves. Simply slip the reusable bag over your horse's hoof, add ice and water, and secure with the non-slip strap to ensure proper icing throughout the therapy process. One size, sold in pairs.

Key Benefits

  • Effective ice therapy: Features a convenient design with a secure strap to help ensure thorough icing.
  • A safer alternative: Eliminates the need for buckets to help prevent injuries to both horse and caretaker.
  • Reusable: Bag may be reused at least five times.
  • Easy-to-use: Slip bag over hoof while your horse is standing on the ground, fill with ice to just below the coronet band, add water to just above the coronet band, and secure with the non-slip strap.

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