Kelcie's PickBrush

Kelcie's PickBrush

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This is unlike any grooming tool you've seen before. The molded grip handle makes it easy to get in there and remove even the toughest dirt, stones, and even snow/ice out of your horse's hooves. Then, the brush side contains durable bristles to brush off caked on dirt or sweep away any remaining debris.

This is a great tool to hang on the fence to your horse's paddock or take with you on the road to help keep both the horse and rider clean (we personally like to use the brush side to clean off our boots before competition).

The hardened stainless steel pick’s durable construction will maintain form through tough cleaning jobs for years to come. Because of PickBrush’s construction, it can easily be used with water to maintain even more pristine cleanliness. The PickBrush allows you to put the strength and effort into cleaning without worrying about straining your hand.