Mega Wubba Equine Toy by Kong

Mega Wubba Equine Toy by Kong

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Mega Wubba Equine Toy by Kong. Great boredom buster for your horse that provides hours of fun. Interactive shake and toss toy that is great for horse play. Floppy tails make this toy ideal for shaking and tossing in your horse's pasture or inside. Kong Wubba is a durable equine toy with a reinforced nylon exterior with a unique ball shape that squeaks! Comes in assorted colors: red, blue or purple! Kong Mega Wubba is made from reinforced fabric and stitching.

Product Details:

  •  Boredom buster
  •  Interactive shake and toss
  •  Floppy tails for grabbing and tossing
  •  Durable reinforced nylon exterior
  •  Ball shape with squeaker
  •  Assorted colors