StableStyle x Cavali Candle

StableStyle x Cavali Candle

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We teamed up with Stable Style to bring you your new favorite candle! Winter Barn boasts notes of aromatic pine, clean sea salt, and a touch of sage. It’s fresh and earthy—and will immediately transport you to a forest of pine trees on a cold, winter day.

The candle comes in a beautiful gold tin, which will elevate any space. 

10 ounces soy wax, wooden wick. 

Burn time - 70 hours.

Candle Burning Tips: 

Please burn your candle for a minimum of one hour the first time you light it. This achieves an even burn and prevents tunneling.

Friendly reminder, do not leave your candle burning unattended and be careful around pets and children. Enjoy your Stable Style candle safely.